Choose from a huge selection of contemporary wall art on canvas, as art print or modern paintings. Find your large wall art here.

Our stretched canvas art and large wall art can decorate any room, be it kitchen, living room, or office.

Large wall art - hand painted and designed by us

Luise Zantopp and Nick Santoro design the motives of our large wall art. You can find modern paintings and wall art in our webshop.

Exceptional and classy large wall art

Wall art with metallic, gloss, or mirror effects is available as large wall art.

Large wall art - modern art prints

You can also find printed large wall art in our shop - here you will find the right piece of paintings living room.

Luise Zantopp

Large wall art
What is large wall art

Many enquiries reach us about the sizes of our large modern paintings and large art prints. Depending on the room size, the definition of large can differ. If you want to decorate a narrow hallway, a painting 80x80cm may be already large. Others want to enhance their living room and would not consider anything below 200cm as a large piece of wall art. Anyhow, we can offer you a wide variety of sizes and motives that will facilitate your search for a fitting painting for your room. Here we have selected our nine most popular paintings. Maybe you will find the right painting right here. And if you should have any questions, feel free to contact us any time. Contact

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The following selection features some of our large wall art.

XXL painting 'Sudden Inspiration' 240x100cm XXL painting "Sudden Inspiration" 240x100x2cm
A piece of art for your room?
259.00 £
XXL painting 'Golden Ways' 220x100cm XXL painting "Golden Ways" 220x100x2cm
Hand painted original for your wall.
259.00 £
XXL Painting 'Silver Bar' 260x80cm XXL Painting "Silver Bar" 260x80x2cm
Top quality hand painted original
249.00 £
XXL painting 'Connection' 240x100cm XXL painting "Connection" 240x100x2cm
Hand painted art on canvas
249.00 £
XXL painting 'Expression of Colours' 260x80cm XXL painting "Expression of Colours" 260x80x2cm
Hand painted original for your wall
269.00 £
XXL painting 'Stoned Roses' in 140x70cm XXL painting "Stoned Roses" in 140x70x2cm
Great choice for many backgrounds
255.00 £
XXL painting 'Day and Night' 240x100cm XXL painting "Day and Night" 240x100x2cm
Hand painted original
249.00 £
XXL painting 'Center of Babylon' 260x80cm XXL painting "Center of Babylon" 260x80x2cm
Hand painted art on canvas
269.00 £
XXL painting 'Green Spirit' 245x80cm XXL painting "Green Spirit" 245x80x2cm
Hand painted original
249.00 £

Buy large wall art in these formats

    wall art with mosaic effect or sinus curve
    perfectly matched acrylic colours
    special sealing of our large wall art
    energetic atmosphere with our splash motives

Buy large wall art and take advantage of our exceptional service

All of our large canvas art, wall art and stretched canvas art will be delivered to you for free. We also offer free return should you be unsatisfied with your purchase.

Modern large wall art with mosaic effect - available in our shop only

Our large wall art with mosaic effect motives impress with their stunning deep effect that make our living room wall so extraordinary.

Choose from many different motives

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Large wall art - abstract and with structure effects

No matter whether you decide for large wall art with abstract or structure effect motifs - our large canvas art will intrigue you.

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