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    Thomas is the voice of Paintings XXL. As a native Saxon (who are said to be affable and never lose their calm), he possesses the perfect traits required at our service hotline. He handles all requests and enquiries with the utmost serenity and politeness. He will be Glad to advise you if you require customised versions of our products and will arrange your exact specifications with our creative team. There might be only one topic that makes him lose his calm now and then - when it comes to football he can transform himself into a "live wire" providing you with the latest results and predictions.
  • logistics
    logistics logistics logistics logistics
    Vico sets the right pace when it comes to posting and packing issues. As a passionate drummer changes in rhythm present no problems. If the situation arises, he switches effortlessly from Smooth-Jazz to Hardcore, ensuring prompt delivery of all pictures. It may also interest visitors to know that he is our "in-house photographer". For e.g.: His detailed knowledge of each individual wall picture - this is why we only pack and deliver those products that meet our quality criteria. With the right tact and a sharp eye, he also ensures that all relevant procedures run smoothly.
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    frame building
    frame building
    frame building frame building frame building frame building
    Daniel is responsible for everything concerning frames and frame building and can be considered our backbone. As a trained craftsman he can only accept the highest quality standards. Skewed bars and inferior linen do not stand a chance in his workshop. In times of great stress he finds his calm in a virtually infinite library of audio books that also keeps the rest of the team on their toes. His biggest art project is he, himself - he surprises almost every week with a new tattoo.
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    artists artists artists artists
    Concentrated creativity in a relaxed atmosphere is how we, Nick and Luise, would describe working for our online shop Paintings XXL. This environment allows us to create the countless hand painted pieces of wall art every day. It is our creativity, but over the years also the many requests of our customers that inspire us to design the ever new motifs and styles. We love our job and the work with forms and colours, and the positive feedback of our customers encourages us further in what we do.

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