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Framed picture "Black Cadillac"

Quality frames for your walls.

60x40 cm
  • 30x20 cm
  • 40x30 cm
  • 60x40 cm
  • 80x60 cm
  • Black
  • White
  • Lime
Frame measures
 (W x H)(W x D) (W x H)
80x6084 x 642 x 2,23,573 x 53
60x4064 x 442 x 2,23,553 x 33
40x3042 x 321,2 x 2,22,036 x 26
30x2032 x 221,2 x 2,22,026 x 16
All measurements in cm

Quality and Material

Every frame, passe-partout and glass pane is a quality product.
The wooden frames were neatly built and are connected on the rear side.

The passe-partouts are 2mm thick, professional assimilated and will frame the picture perfectly. Frames in sizes 40 x 30cm and 30 x 20cm will be shipped with genuine glass. Although we decided to use acrylic glass of 2mm thickness for the sizes 60 x 40cm and 80 x 60cm, the quality of this item is comparable to real glass.

Our main concern was to reduce damages in transit to a minimimum and since our acrylic glass will neither yellow nor become opaque after UV exposore or other environmental conditions, this decision was an easy one.

Attachments for easy installation are already assembled on the rear side.



Framed painting<br>'Spaces for Love' in 180x80cm Framed painting
"Spaces for Love" in 180x80cm
205.00 £
Hand-painted painting<br>'Facets of a Rainbow' 210x80cm Hand-painted painting
"Facets of a Rainbow" 210x80cm
191.00 £
Only 172.00 £
Wall art<br>'Sense of Delight' 230x90cm Wall art
"Sense of Delight" 230x90cm
205.00 £
Vivid wall decoration:<br>'Facets of a Rainbow' 160x60cm Vivid wall decoration:
"Facets of a Rainbow" 160x60cm
152.00 £
Canvas painting<br>'Endless Meadow' 180x80cm Canvas painting
"Endless Meadow" 180x80cm
191.00 £
Modern painting<br>'Opposites Attract' 180x80cm Modern painting
"Opposites Attract" 180x80cm
195.00 £
Living room art<br>'Golden Ways' 160x80cm Living room art
"Golden Ways" 160x80cm
195.00 £
Canvas painting<br>'Crushed Ice' 200x60cm Canvas painting
"Crushed Ice" 200x60cm
185.00 £
Buddha art print<br>'Silence' 170x50cm Buddha art print
"Silence" 170x50cm
94.00 £
Living room art<br>'Light Spectacle' 180x70cm Living room art
"Light Spectacle" 180x70cm
205.00 £

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